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Michel Bordeau, aka Area Frenchman

Michel Bordeau

I am a psychotherapist, a life coach, and a speaker*. I am a French transplant and you can safely assume that I know a thing or two about Love and that wit and crude levity amuse me.

I am a blogger here and I contribute a column to the feminine.collective.

I write mostly about the therapeutic benefits of kindness with others, assertiveness for ourselves, and, on occasion, cussing for those who truly deserve it.

I also write about the adolescent brain, its vulnerable yet mind-bending potentials, motherhood, mindful parenting, image disorders, survivorship, and inspiring businesswomen.

I conduct interviews of authors who like myself have survived some form of abuse or neglect, and, who share their narratives in order to change this world, one psychological, social, or poetic issue at a time.

I firmly believe that serenity is the ultimate life goal, and that we are all worth it. No exception!

* Please, call promptly if you need to add me to your list of speakers–(404)798-9799. My fees are competitive. My speaking skills very competitive. I speak primarily on therapeutic ways to recover from neglect or abuse, but I have spoken about the teen brain and its mind-bending spirit, mindful parenting, and the businesswomen who have inspired me since I arrived in the US… 20 odd years ago.