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Interview conducted by juvenile law expert and “Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys Under 40”, Kathryn Boortz on December 4, 2015:

“Michel, pronounced “Michelle” (he is French) is a psychotherapist with Acadie Psychotherapy Services. He is passionate about working with youth and teens and approaches his work from the premise that change comes from within yet requires unconditional support from without. I could not agree more! He further explains that “it is my experience that children and adolescents find the strength to change the moment their family begins to change.” He has a concentration on trauma-focused grief therapy, educational consulting (utilizing his background as an academic counselor), and on a fun note, he runs an amazing blog dedicated to survivor narratives…..”

Q: How do you serve the youth in our community?

A: I am a busy psychotherapist and life coach in private practice and I like it that way. I serve the youth in our community by offering coaching (e.g., emotional and practical transition from middle school to high school, high school to college, college to the work force), education consulting (i.e., I will go to an IEP and 504 meeting with you, I will come to court for you!), and therapeutic services (I specialize in stress & anxiety management, grief & loss support, personal & relational growth, and recovery from emotional duress)…….

Q: What advice do you have for parents of teenagers?

A: I am trained as a Clinical Social Worker, so I treat every event as an acute situation that needs to advance fast. It does not take me long to jump into action to help a parent who is trying really hard to hide her/his frustration and confusion.

My advice to parents of teenagers who find themselves in emotionally difficult situations is two-fold: I’m here to help and we are not, we cannot, be successful within our time frame if we do not involve a highly competent team. It does take a village to ensure the result we are seeking becomes a possibility. Not only do I do my part with absolute dedication (i.e., I respond to calls within 12 hours, I respond to texts within 6 hours, I read email or when I don’t I call to say that I don’t), I make sure to link parents and their teens to my list of great professionals. I am French, I have a boutique mentality, and judging from the positive responses I get from parents and teens, it’s a worthy way to provide coaching and therapy services.